Tantalum Ring


Tantalum is one of the most rare and inert metals known to man and will
not react with most chemicals. Where most metals dissolve in acids, Tantalum is not affected. Tantalum is also extremely heat and wear resistant. Unlike certain other contemporary metals, Tantalum will not shatter.


Titanium is extremely durable, hypoallergenic and lightweight.
It is a great choice for individuals who prefer a much lighter material.
Choose Titanium and embrace the lighter side of strength.

Titanium Ring
Titanium Ring

Black Titanium

Black Titanium is extremely rare compared to Titanium. It's black color does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process. Not only does Black Titanium offer all the characteristics of grey titanium, but it also offers a unique black color that is not found in any other metal in the market place.


Forge’s naturally inert Cobalt contains a special blend of Cobalt
and other alloys that exude extremely high luster and reliable strength. Because it is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and bio-compatible, it
has been used heavily in medical applications.

Cobalt Ring
Tungsten Ring


Forge Tungsten uses a specialized formula that has tested to be far more scratch resistant and less brittle than the competitions. The only thing more scratch resistant than Tungsten is an actual diamond.

Damascus Steel

Inspired by the legendary techniques of the medieval
blade-smiths from Damascus. Damascus Steel is created by welding
strips of various metals together, creating a stunning strip metal that is
both durable and shatter resistant.

Damascus Ring
Tungsten Ring


This ceramic-based material undergoes proprietary sintering and pressure injection to be extremely durable and scratch resistant. With weight that is comparable to Titanium and the strength of Tungsten, this metal has the best of both worlds What’s not to like?

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